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Technology and innovation

HTR specialises in designing, developing, producing and delivering technical rubber and plastic foam products. HTR employs technically qualified, innovative people all over the world who use their experience and flexibility to solve your problems.

Flexibility and problem-solving capability

In addition to design, engineering, R&D and production, our team focuses primarily on finding answers to problems. Our rubber and foam products are generally custom-made solutions for the challenges you face. We think in terms of solutions and are very flexible. Just like our products. We would like to tell you more about our capabilities.

  • barbara-kupczak-1-w123h154
  • Barbara Kupczak
    Employee production
  • daniello-van-de-moosdijk-1-w123h154
  • Daniello van de Moosdijk
    Employee production
  • bartosz-martyna-1-w123h154
  • Bartosz Martyna
    Employee production
  • jatin-gupta-2-3-w123h154
  • Jatin Gupta
    Business Development Engineer
  • songul-gursoy-winding-operator-of-the-extrusion-lines2-2-w123h154
  • Songul Gursoy
    Winding operator of the extrusion lines
  • veli-citak-chief-operator-of-the-extrusion-lines2-3-2-w123h154
  • Veli Citak
    Chief operator of the extrusion lines
  • hasan-aras-chief-operator-of-the-mixing-department2-4-w123h154
  • Hasan Aras
    Chief operator of the mixing department
  • sunitasingh-2-w123h154
  • Sunita Singh
    QA assistant

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