afthersales-2After-sales, because post-delivery care is important

We want to offer added value and can only do so if we are open to ideas, questions and criticism. Our primary focus is on you, the customer, so we also welcome your questions or remarks after delivery has taken place. Our policy of customer-friendly after-sales care is designed to optimise our relationship and collaboration, now and in the future. Do you have a question or remark? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Interaction with customers

We look critically at our processes and products as part of our internal improvement programme. Feedback from our customers helps us to achieve the highest quality level. Because you know best what you appreciate in our collaboration. We welcome any tips or comments you may have.

Fast reaction to repeat orders

We receive repeat orders for many of our products. We see our customers’ readiness to grant us repeat orders as an indication of their satisfaction with the collaboration. So we store all the technical information, drawings and even prototypes. As a result, when you want to have a rubber product remanufactured, we can start up production almost immediately.

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