Rubber and foam product applications

Generally, our products are used as a component in the products produced by our customers. Rubber products from HTR are also used in machines. Would you like to know more about the possibilities our products can offer you? If so, please contact our sales engineers. The main applications are presented below.


Rubber and foam are ideal for protection. The durability and flexibility of the material ensures that other parts are protected against damage.


Foam and rubber are often used to create a good seal. Cavities are filled by these flexible materials in order to eliminate play or create a watertight joint.


Rubber and foam possess excellent insulating properties. This makes these materials highly suitable for insulation applications. These materials also effectively damp vibration and attenuate noise.


A flexible joint between different components can be engineered quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively with rubber. Solutions can be designed for practically any application.

Design highlights

In addition to their functional properties, rubber and foam are also used to add design highlights. They are excellent finishing materials for countless products.

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