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Practical case study: Elastilon

untitled-1-2We came into contact with Osbe BV, a local parquet flooring specialist, in the mid-1990s. Together with the owner, we developed an innovative product called Elastilon, which is now protected by worldwide patents. Elastilon is an adhesive underlay, which makes laying parquet and wooden plank floors much easier. The material also provides thermal and noise insulation, thereby preventing all kinds of problems that can occur with wooden flooring. Elastilon makes it much easier to lay flush-fitting parquet floors and furthermore, no glue or other fasteners are required.

Our collaboration

Because we lacked expertise in each other’s disciplines, we pooled our knowledge in a number of brainstorming sessions. Both the product as the company Elastilon are the result of our expertise in rubber and foam and Osbe’s knowledge and experience in the area of wood and parquet flooring. Our collaboration has been very fruitful, as the product has now been used all over the world for several decades.  Elastilon is responsible for marketing and sales. HTR is responsible for production, packaging and worldwide distribution.

Innovation and collaboration is playing to each other’s strengths

By brainstorming with Elastilon about their idea, we came up with an even better product. We were able to translate Elastilon’s requirements and wants into an adhesive underlay made from the right foam types and coated with a special adhesive layer. A programme of extensive testing and improvement and our innovative collaboration with Osbe have made Elastilon the recognised standard for many professionals and DIY enthusiasts worldwide.

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