Company history

HTR: rubber and plastic foam

HTR BV has been active in producing and delivering rubber and plastic foam products since 1953. We specialise in rubber and foam products for sealing, finishing, protecting, insulating or absorbing noise and vibration. In addition to a number of standard products, we mainly manufacture custom-made rubber products. HTR has subsidiaries in Western Europe (the Netherlands and Germany) and Asia (India).

Production and advice

During the years, HTR has expanded its role from that of a producer to that of a consultant and partner for many of our customers. As you would expect of a flexible company like HTR, we think in terms of solutions. We analyse your needs in order to develop and deliver rubber products that offer optimum value for money. You get more than just a competitive price on a quotation. We also offer our customers optimum service by proactively contributing our ideas and effort.

Our customers

We deliver our products to customers that are active in various sectors. For example, the automotive and coach-building industry, producers of electronics and electrical appliances, manufacturers of machinery and equipment and the defence and aviation industries. Well-known household names such as DAF, Philips, Opel, Mercedes, ASML, Webasto, VDL Groep, John Deere, Bosch and many others also incorporate products supplied by HTR in their own products.

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