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Disclaimer HTR B.V. Rubber & Foam


Hoogerdijk B.V. (Chamber of Commerce 17041775), hereinafter to be referred to as HTR B.V. Rubber & Foam, hereby grants you access to www.htr-nl.com (the Website). HTR B.V. Rubber & Foam appreciates your visit to the Website and your interest in our organisation and products.

On the Website, HTR B.V. Rubber & Foam publishes texts, images and other materials supplied by HTR B.V. and third parties. The information is checked for accuracy and up-to-date-ness; however inaccuracies and incompleteness may occur. All information on the Website is subject to typing and programming errors. HTR B.V. Rubber & Foam is not responsible for any damage as a result of inaccuracies or incompleteness on the Website.


The information on the Website is intended as information without obligation and not as an actual offer to enter into an agreement. Agreements are only entered into by acceptance of a quote indicated as such by HTR B.V. Rubber & Foam. No agreement will be effected based on any errors on the Website. If information contained on the Website is also supplied in writing, the version in writing will prevail in the event of text differences.

Limited liability

HTR B.V. Rubber & Foam is not responsible for problems caused by, or intrinsic to, the distribution of information through the Internet. Any damage as a result of use of the information (data, advice or ideas, references and hyperlinks) provided by or on behalf of HTR B.V. Rubber & Foam does not fall under HTR B.V. Rubber & Foam’s responsibility or liability.

All intellectual property rights concerning materials and information published on the Website are owned by HTR B.V. Rubber & Foam. The materials and information offered on the Website are offered without any form of guarantee or claim to accuracy. These materials and information may change at any moment or be removed without prior notification from HTR B.V. Rubber & Foam.


Copying, distribution and any other use of these materials and information are not permitted without permission in writing from HTR B.V. Rubber & Foam, except for and only to the extent that this has been provided for differently in requirements of mandatory law (such as the right to quote), unless this is stated otherwise for specific materials and information. Requesting and viewing the data and the making of prints for own individual use is permitted within the boundaries indicated by the applicable legislation. Placement of a hyperlink on a website to (a section of) the Website and use of one or more of the brands or logos is not permitted without prior permission from HTR B.V. Rubber & Foam. All word marks and pictorial trademarks on the Website are the property of HTR B.V. Rubber & Foam.

This disclaimer may be amended from time to time.

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