Extruded products

extrusion-3Extruded products are produced in a continuous process

Rubber profiles are manufactured using extrusion. The rubber is forced through a mould, which gives the material its form. Recesses in the mould shape the rubber. Extruded rubber profiles are used to seal windows and doors, as anti-slip profiles and as protective or impact-absorbing profiles. Our sales engineers will be delighted to give you more information on our extruded products.

Infinite possibilities

Most extruded products are custom-made; the possibilities in this area almost infinite. We design a profile in consultation with our customer. After approval the next step is to make a mould. The moulds are generally custom-made, exclusively for our customers. If you require, the profiles can be sorted and individually packed before delivery to your site.

Finishing rubber profiles

After the rubber profile leaves the mould, it transfers to the vulcanisation process where the material passes from a plastic to an elastic state. We are also regularly asked to cut the profiles to length or at a specific angle. We achieve reliable sealing in the corners through the use of adhesive or vulcanisation. Obviously, we carry out all these operations for you.

HTR’s own extruded product: Smartline

HTR offers its own extruded product, which is called Smartline. This is a transparent rubber profile with integral LED lighting elements (embedded lighting). The Smartline product is ideal when you want combine waterproof protection or impact-absorption with visual signalling. Smartline is already used in buses and marinas.

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