Flat materials

vlakke-delen-3Flat materials made of rubber or foam

The range of possibilities in the area of flat materials is very diverse. We use rubber, foam and felt to make flat materials such as solid rubber sheet, cellular rubber and self-adhesive materials. We also produce continuous product from microcellular rubbers and various foams (PE, PU and PVC). Our flat materials are used for their impact-absorbing and sound-absorbing properties or, for example, for electrical conduction or insulation. Please contact our sales engineers for more information about our flat materials.

Flat materials on the roll

As standard, we deliver our flat materials on the roll. However, we have all the machines required for further processing at our disposal. The operations we can perform for you include the following:

  • Die cutting
  • Kiss cutting
  • Slitting
  • Punching
  • Cold laminating
  • Hot laminating
  • Coating
  • Winding
  • Thermal shaping
  • Multi-layer laminating

Material types for flat materials

Flat materials are often made from solid rubbers like rubber sheets, but also from cork. In addition, cellular rubbers and cellular plastics are also used. A material can be found for every application. We also offer the right rubber types for wear-resistant flat materials.

Poron® and Bisco® with special properties

We also produce flat materials that resist permanent deformation, stand up to high temperatures or offer extreme shock-absorbing performance. We use Poron® and Bisco® for these applications. These are extremely special materials for which we are a selected preferred converter. So we are also the place to come for flat materials for special applications.

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