HTR Brainport


Co-founder of Brainport Industries

HTR is a co-founder and member of the board of the prestigious Brainport Industries. This is a cooperative of leading component and material suppliers in the high-tech industry. Together with key first, second and third-line high-tech suppliers, we dispose of an extensive network. We are in direct contact with the major OEM companies from this industry like ASML, FEI, Philips Healthcare and Océ Technologies/Canon. Thanks to a remarkably high level of knowledge, we contribute in directing the unique high-tech ecosystem, which expands the chain’s professional attitude and approach and stimulates the growth of the high-tech industry.

On the picture from left to right:

Theun Baller – Philips Corporate Technologies
Henk Tappel – Frencken Europe BV
Roland Sniekers – Eurotechniek BV
Ferry van de Pasch – HTR BV Rubber and Foam
Hans Duisters – Sioux Embedded Systems BV
Marc Hendrikse – NTS Group
Lars van der Hoorn – Van der Hoorn Buigtechniek BV
Daan Kersten – Boer & Croon
Edward Voncken – KMWE Netherlands

Missing in the picture:
Ad van Berlo – Van Berlo Design

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