Moulded parts

Preformed parts made from all rubber types

vormdelen-3We deliver preformed parts in all rubber types such as EPDM, Chloroprene, Nitrile, natural rubber, silicones, NR, Viton, etc. We possess the knowledge and experience in house in order to deliver preformed parts for all conceivable three-dimensional shapes. Bespoke production is the norm for preformed parts. Do you want to have preformed parts made? Please contact us for a proposal.

Production techniques

We produce preformed parts by means of injection moulding, compression moulding, transfer moulding or LSR moulding. We are also regularly asked to produce preformed parts that combine rubber and metal. In this case, the rubber is vulcanised to the metal when in the mould. This creates an indestructible bond between the two materials.

Injection moulding

In the case of injection moulding, a quantity of non-vulcanised rubber is injected automatically into a mould at high pressure.

Compression moulding

In the case of compression moulding, a pre-weighed amount of rubber is manually placed in a mould, following which the rubber is compressed to create the desired shape.

Transfer moulding

Transfer moulding is a variant of compression moulding. The process is the same as compression moulding, however the rubber is not placed directly in the mould. The rubber is pushed into the mould by a piston.

All shapes are possible

There are no limitations to the shapes that can be created. For example, we supply perfectly

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