Our competences

Helping customers benefit from our ideas and expertise

We offer added value by contributing our ideas and expertise. Obviously we provide service and advice, but also actively consider the quality, durability and application of our rubber and foam products from your point of view. We go further than simply proposing a competitive price, because a small saving now can lead to substantial costs in the longer term. The quality of our products is always our first priority. Ask our experts for advice regarding your rubber or foam products.

Support and service provision

You want a supplier that supports you completely in every area. Which is why we continually work on improving our processes. It all starts with delivering the right rubber products on time. But we can also be reached for questions or support after delivery of your order. After all, after-sales care is just as important as the order itself.

In-depth knowledge of rubber and plastic foam

Rubber seals have a major effect on end-product quality. Our people have an expert knowledge of rubber, its uses and the associated logistics. That combination is our strength. It allows us to make a significant contribution to the quality of your end-product.

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