prototyping-niet-voor-klant-2Prototypes of your rubber product

We make prototypes of your rubber or foam product after completion of the design and engineering stages. The prototype allows you to test the operation and fit of the rubber components. Prototyping is the last stage before production. Modifications can still be made at this stage. Please contact us in order to have a prototype made for your rubber or foam product.

Reduced tooling costs

Even though the tooling costs for extrusion, injection moulding and thermoforming are not excessive, we still often choose to have prototype tooling made. This low-cost prototype tooling allows us to produce a limited number of prototypes for you. We know from experience that this allows adequate testing of the rubber product’s properties and operation. This approach proves that your rubber product operates properly and you save possible extra costs in the area of volume production tooling.

From prototype to final design.

As soon as you have tested the prototype and given your full approval, we make the mould for the final end-product. When the mould is ready, we can start volume production. We produce the rubber or foam products in the agreed quantities and deliver on the agreed date.

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