Thermoformed parts

thermovormen9070-bewerkt-3-w238h305Our three-dimensional foam shaping capability is unique in Europe

We are one of the few companies in Europe that are capable of shaping foam three-dimensionally in house. Our people have built up years of experience and expertise in this very specialised procedure. Thermoformed parts are used in all kinds of products for very wide ranging applications. For example, they are used for seats, protective padding for sports (hockey, canoeing) and as insulating materials in the automotive industry. Please contact us for custom-made thermoformed parts.

Producing thermoformed parts

The production process for thermoformed parts often begins with laying fabric or a decorative film on the foam base. This operation is performed by hot or cold laminating equipment. Next, the foam is compressed in closed moulds to achieve the desired shape. We use pressure, heat and vacuum for this.

Finishing thermoformed parts
When the shaped foam parts come out of the moulds, they can be subjected to further finishing operations. We also possess all the required knowledge and experience for this in house. Our equipment is also suitable for finishing thermoformed parts.

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