HTR is a one-stop shop for rubber and foam products

We have been in business since 1953 and our customers universally indicate that they are happy with our work. In particular, because we are flexible and take work off their hands. In addition to our production capabilities, contributing ideas and expertise and thinking ahead are the core values within our company. This approach avoids potential problems and identifies and addresses latent needs. All of our customers receive five-star service and are guaranteed results. Are you interested in the same treatment? Contact us today.

Why trade with HTR?

  • 60 years of experience
  • Full-package supplier for all your rubber and foam products
  • Custom-made is our speciality
  • HTR is a financially stable company
  • We operate our own global production facilities
  • In-house design, engineering, R&D
  • Local presence
  • Strong problem-solving capabilities
  • You are not dependent on a single product line: we offer you the right material for the application

Looking at things from your perspective reduces your workload

Looking at things from your perspective is our main trump-card. We tried to think ahead on behalf of our customers. For example, after a year or two, we know when you experience seasonal peaks and troughs based on your order history. Inventory management is also something that we are happy to provide. So we take the initiative by entering new orders in good time on your behalf. We react to latent needs by alerting you to these trends in good time. We make life easier for you and go much further in this area than our competitors. Do you already apply KanBan principles? We can supply your products in small packing quantities, complete with identification and traceability.

Quality first

We choose in favour of quality and durability in all our products. Because we also know how important it is for a machine to carry on operating and for your end-product to continue to work effectively. Low cost is important of course, but a long and problem-free service life is
even more important for our products. And because we also deliver your products on time and without faults, you start to make really substantial savings.

Continuous investment

Because our objective is to continually improve our quality, we invest on a continuous basis. In our people, machines, materials and methods. With our knowledge and experience, we are always able to deliver the best product.

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